Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kenya Moore Denies That She's Dating Kordell Stewart
Speaking of rumors that came completely out of left field, it appears that there has also been talk of a secret romance between Kenya Moore and Kordell Stewart.

The former pageant queen recently took to Twitter to shut down the whispers—not that we’re really sure people were believing them in the first place.

KENYA MOORE         @KenyaMoore
Me and Kordell Stewart? NEVER...

As it turns out, the rumors began with a report published to MTO, which claimed that the two hit it off at the opening of Peter and Kordell’s new sports bar Sports One. Although there were plenty of instances where Kenya showed a little too much interest in Porsha’s marriage and divorce from Kordell, we never thought that she was interested in him romantically. If anything, her interest in Porsha’s misery was more than likely fueled by her strong dislike for her.
Update 2:20 p.m.: Kordell has also responded to rumors that he’s seeing Kenya Moore.
“There is a lady who I am very interested in,” Kordell told “however, it is not Kenya Moore.”
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