Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Nicole Napolitano Defends Fight With Amber Marchese
All the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" stars can agree on one thing. Violence is bad. Except ... when it's completely warranted because of that really mean thing somebody told somebody else about you that time on national television. 

In the wake of the historic (okay, histrionic) Clash in Colts Neck featuring Amber Marchese and Nicole Napolitano, the ladies all took to their blogs to decry violence, although Nicole defends her actions in this particular case: "I will never back down to ANYONE who attempts to ruin my reputation! So actually the loss of a few hair extensions was not much compared to the defamation of my character. To me, verbal abuse can be just as harmful as physical abuse, and that is exactly what took place." (To recap, Nicole confronted Amber over a rumor Amber had relayed to Melissa Gorga about Nicole cheating with married man.)

On her own blog, Nicole's sister Teresa Aprea backs her up, and claims that although Nicole may have snatched weave first, Amber is the one who started the physical hostilities by grabbing Nicole's arms (after, it must be said, Nicole snapped her fingers in Amber's face). 

Amber has yet to weigh in on the Melee in Monmouth County, but here's what the other ladies have to say:
Melissa Gorga: Melissa said on "Watch What Happens" and in her blog that she only felt it right that Nicole be allowed to respond to that rumor, since it was aired before a national audience. "I had really hoped that we could have all talked about what happened, cleared the air, moved on, and enjoyed the party." Melissa, if you believe that, I have a mansion in Montville to sell you

Teresa Giudice: Teresa, however, dings Melissa for repeating the rumor to Nicole, someone she'd just met, and therefore damaging Nicole's relationship with Amber, with whom Melissa had been friends with for 10 years. Because Teresa believes it's better for hateful, damaging rumors to be aired on national television without giving the subject of the rumor the opportunity to respond. Huh. I never would have thought she'd feel that way. 

Teresa also says Jim Marchese's reluctance to hang with alleged fraudsters like the Giudices is "sort of insane coming from him," apparently referring to Jim's own legal drama from a few years back. (Short version: A former drug sales rep, Jim blew the whistle on his former pharmaceutical company for fraudulently marketing a cancer drug, but the U.S. Justice Department later tried to withhold his whistleblower reward because it claimed Jim had helped mastermind the fraud. A judge sided with Jim, but said he should have acted sooner to shed light on the fraud.)

"First of all, he admitted his opinion of me and Joe was completely formed from 'the news' about us," Teresa writes. "That's a really shallow way to live, especially for someone who was making his own news before RHONJ was ever on the air." (Of course, the federal government contends the Giudices were also committing fraud before RHONJ was ever on the air. Just sayin'.) "I don't believe everything I read. I keep an open mind and try and make my opinions after I meet someone based on their actions toward me personally. (Newsflash: my opinion after meeting him based on his interactions with me and my family was very, very low.)"
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