Monday, August 4, 2014

Dina Manzo Talks Drama Between Nicole Napolitano, Melissa Gorga and Amber Marchese
Dina Manzo was nowhere near the center of the drama on this Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6, but that doesn't mean she can't reflect on everything that happened in her latest Bravo blog.

In her blog Dina, ever the philosophical one, mused that reality TV is "a great experiment in human behavior," adding, "did you ever think you can learn more about the people in your life and, dare I say, grow yourself by watching us?"

She went on to talk about intention, saying that it's important to understand your own intentions, and the intentions of the people around you. Dina definitely seems to think intention matters at least as much as action. 

For instance, she mentions Nicole Napolitano setting her up even when she'd asked her not to. "Was I pissed?" Dina wrote. "Yeah for all of two seconds, because I know her intentions were pure. She meant well and just wanted to give me a little nudge. I wish she gave me the heads up, because I was CLEARLY blind sided and flustered, but once I realized she meant no harm, I got over it quickly."

That said, she finds Amber Marchese and Melissa Gorga's gossiping more questionable. "Was Amber casually confiding in a friend of 10 plus years or was there more behind it? Was Melissa just reacting to a moment of frustration with Amber? Was she looking out for Nicole? That's for them to explain, which I am sure they will on air, in their blogs, and I'm SURE at the reunion."

Oh yes, this reunion is already shaping up to be a good one, and we're only four episodes into the season!
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