Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kelly Bensimon Still Defends Her Actions During Infamous Bethenny Fight
“The Real Housewives of New York” star Kelly Bensimon may have been happy on the fourth season of the show because Bethenny Frankel was not on the show, but it sounds like she can simply laugh off the issues she had with her on the show. Someone had brought up the infamous bar scene, where Bensimon tells Frankel that they can never be friends and Bensimon has no problem talking about it. According to a new tweet released on Aug. 1, “The Real Housewives of New York” star Bensimon reveals that she isn’t too bothered by the drama that happened on the show and that she stands up for herself, even when being called Madonna.

Bensimon was the one who said she was above Frankel while filming the second season. “She called me Madonna and refused to film with me. It was childish, yet strategic. I was filming for fun. #lessonlearned,” Bensimon revealed in defense of herself. However, it sounds like she can only laugh at the drama now, since neither woman is on the show anymore. Frankel left to film her own spin-off, whereas Bensimon was fired after the fourth season.

“I love ths #rhony fans. Years later they are still obsessed with a scene. ps. #2scene in reality tv history. :),” Bensimon tweeted after getting tons of messages about her explanation of her behaviour. And it sounds like she knows that she made an impression while filming. “That scene struck a cord. no one likes to be put down, i will always stick up for myself. #integrity,” she added. It sounds like she is not regretting saying that she is better than Frankel.

Bensimon has returned to school and is still living in New York after wrapping up the show last season. She hasn’t expressed too much regret about the show, but it sounds like she can openly talk about her feud with Frankel, even though it wasn’t fun at the time.
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