Thursday, August 22, 2013

Adriana De Moura Talks Real-Life Drama Behind Secret Marriage
Adriana De Moura is ready to tell all about the real-life drama behind her secret marriage to fiancé Frederic Marq, whom she married earlier this summer in a made-for-TV wedding filmed for the hit show “The Real Housewives of Miami.”

“My son had a breakdown emotionally and was begging me not to get married,” De Moura told NBC Latino’s Nina Terrero of the reason she ultimately decided to call off a formal wedding with Marq. “Maybe 8 weeks into the relationship, Federic asked me to marry him. I was in that lustful stage and the sex was great, so I said yes …but when I started to feel conflicted, we started fighting and he finally pulled the plug.

We called it off but I still had the paper, the legal certificate.”

De Moura’s reluctance to get married was a recurring storyline on RHOM – but with the big reveal that she had been married to Marq since 2008, did she ever feel that she was cheating the audience of her so-called “real life”?

“I couldn’t really start telling everyone we had a paper when the point of not having the wedding party was to protect my son,” shared De Moura. “If I told everyone that I was legally married, than it would defeat the purpose of keeping it a secret.”

And now her son is happy to call Marq “dad,” says De Moura, whose son Alex is now 14 years old.

“Federic proved to be an excellent supporter of me and Alex,” shares the Brazilian ROHM castmate. “And Alex has had time to mature and accept him as a father. That’s been the most important thing to be.”

For de Moura, the chance to come clean about her five-year-long secret was also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to one-up fellow Housewife Joanna Krupa. Krupa’s summer wedding to club owner Romain Zago was also filmed for the Bravo series but De Moura said her own romantic wedding was better.

“I felt my wedding was religious and emotional,” says De Moura, who admitted to being a bridezilla before walking down the aisle in front of friends, family and dozens of television cameras. “I like glamour, but I also like refinement so in that sense I think my wedding won.”

Both weddings will be shown on the third season of RHOM but de Moura revealed that the two extravagant affairs aren’t the only stand-out of what she calls the “best season ever.” There’s the aftermath of her explosive argument during last season’s reunion show with former best friend Lea Black (“we’re working on things,” De Moura reveals) and Housewives Karent Sierra is noticeably absent as well.

“I haven’t seen her much,” admits De Moura of Sierra, with whom she feuded last season. “Our paths don’t cross much.”

There’s also the added appeal of an added sparkle and sex appeal in the footage filmed for the show’s fifth season. Everything looks brighter, the shoes worn by the Housewives are even more expensive (if that’s even possible!) and sexy shots of luxurious Miami Beach abound.

“My life has progressed and I’m trying to bring the best of me as Adriana to the show – and at the same time, the show is looking richer and sexier,” says De Moura of the show’s upgraded production quality. “I’m really proud of the product we’re putting out.”
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