Friday, May 21, 2010

RHONYC Recap: Kelly Bensimon's Nervous Breakdown

Wow, that was hard to watch, but then I guess the sad part is realizing that her resentment and jealousy of Bethenny runs that deep. I mean to make stuff up about Bethenny obsessively talking about you in the press (really, where's the smoking gun?), throwing a fit and crying after Bethenny did a nice deed in giving you a bag of Skinny-girl products with your initials on them, screaming at Ramona ("Honestly this isn't about you!"), the same person who invited you on the trip in the first place. 

I always suspected that Kelly had some serious mental issues, perhaps bi-polar combined with some deep-seeded issues about being a jack-of-all-trades-but-master-of-none in addition to a marriage to renowned photographer breaking up (undoubtedly due to her mental instability), etc. I mean Bethenny is the epitome of everything Kelly most likely craves: happily married, new baby, successful career, author, chef, etc. and it just eats her up to the point where she's become totally delusional. Yes, it must be that Bethenny is trying to kill you....meanwhile someone needs to call Child Protective Services on this woman.