Friday, May 14, 2010

RHONYC Recap: Kelly Bensimon Is Officially Out To Lunch

Ramona got it 100% right when she talked about how Kelly "harbors" resentment towards Bethenny, but who knew it ran so deep? I mean the outta-nowhere insults were flying all over the place last night, everything from the serious tone she took when Bethenny made the little quip about stomping the grapes to the "You're not a chef, you're a cook. It's creepy" line. The chick really has some insecure, crazy and obsessed issues with Bethenny. Of course, when Bethenny responded with "You are the most unintelligent human being I've ever had the pleasure of being around. Adios, lunatic!," was there really anything more to say? Guess there's plenty judging from the clips they showed from next week's episode.