Saturday, May 29, 2010

Danielle Staub on "The Wendy Williams Show"


  1. She was married 3 times!

    Even Wendy is calling out BS!

    "Danielle everybody hates you! Just Sayin" -Wendy Williams

    She BLAMES everything on EDITING!!! ugh Stupid B*tch! And also you haven't donated to Emauela's fund! you truly are STUPID!

    ALSO, No one can find adoption records - Even Kevin Mahr says you weren't adopted. TRASH!

  2. Prince says he was NOT ever involved with Danielle!

  3. Delusions of ----!!! Mr Ed... wilbur? Story of fiction, no proof of most of this book. Her mother is dead so she can say anything!! Just be the mother you are suppose to be for your daughters. You are making a big mistake, ...HUGE ....

  4. Thank goodness she's not going to be on next year!