Monday, May 24, 2010

RHONJ Recap: Danielle Staub vs. Everybody Drama Is Getting Tired

Yawn. More 4 vs, 1 drama. Danielle's still obsessed with getting in with people who clearly don't like her (mind you with good reason). I'm not even blaming the women, I just keep wondering how long RHONJ can keep people watching with the same storyline. Then too there's so much more Bravo could do with RHONJ to spice it up. For starters leave Teresa and Caroline alone. Teresa could have her own show with her and her family's antics. Same thing with the Manzo family (I love the sidebar with Lauren dating Albie's best friend). Jacqueline's got the mother/eldest daughter drama, but last season she was great playing the middle between Danielle and the rest of the women, yet now she's clearly taken sides and won't even take Danielle's calls (but hey she is married to a Manzo brother). This season Dina seems to be running solo: hubby still refuses to be on the show, cute little Lexi is away and what happened to all the charity work she used to do? Lastly, Danielle's just gotten desperate and it's sad to watch her continually beg to be in a group that wants nothing to do with her (plus, as we saw last week she does have her own friends so why does she want to be down the other women that badly?). If a show needed an extra cast member RHONJ would be it, someone to play the fence between Danielle and other women. Dina needs to open up, sure she remains great eye candy, but I don't think that viewers feel like they know Dina as well as the other women. I'd like to see more interaction between the Manzo siblings too.