Friday, February 17, 2017

Lisa Rinna Says It's "Frustrating" Reliving Conversation She Didn't Remember
"I never said that." That's an excuse made generally when people are cornered with gossip or drama. They may have said "that," but really there's no way to prove it in most cases. Except The Real Housewives, in this case The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Roll the tape!

The latest drama for RHOBH involves Lisa Rinna, Eden Sassoon, Kyle Richards and Kim Richards, and Kim's sobriety. Kim hasn't been a full cast member in two seasons. Eden and Rinna's conversation about Kim and Kyle's relationship made its way to Kyle via Lisa Vanderpump. When finally confronted about it, Rinna said she didn't remember any of it at all. It's on tape.

"Clearly, I need to add more Ginko Biloba to my pill bag, because I could benefit from its memory-helping benefits. It's embarrassing and frustrating to watch all of this play back, because I truly did not remember the conversation I was accused of having," Rinna wrote in her Bravo blog. "Instead, the intention of what I said regarding Kim was all twisted after going through so many people, and I simply wasn't going to own up to something that I couldn't remember."
Rinna said when she told Eden Kim was near death, she was referring to the conversation they all had in the Hamptons where Kyle relayed her fear of losing her sister. "In no way was I saying Kim was on a path to destruction, nor was I implying that Kim was on the brink of death. But unfortunately, this is how my message was relayed to Eden's attentive audience shortly before we all left for Mexico," she said.
"The bottom line is this, I wish I had never said what I did to Eden, regardless of my intent, because it's obvious that we have two very different realities of the situation," she said. "For that, I hold myself responsible and like we see Erika say about me in her interview, ‘I betcha she'll get around to owning it.' And I betcha Erika is right."

In her blog, Eden said she wanted to set some facts straight.

"Lisa Rinna said she had a deep conversation with me, about me, and that I wanted to help her heal her relationship with Kim Richards. Yes, we did talk about me, and her, and about A LOT! But RINNA is the one who asked me to help her heal her relationship with Kim! I didn't think it would be too hard… but then again, I didn't realize that they couldn't stand each other! I didn't watch past seasons, so I didn't see how volatile their relationship was. That was my first mistake — agreeing to help," she wrote.
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