Friday, February 3, 2017

Attempted-Murder Trial to Start For Son of Lauri Peterson Gets Delayed
Joshua Waring, son of former "Real Housewives of Orange County" star Lauri Peterson, won't face trial on charges of attempted murder for at least two weeks. 
Waring's trial had been scheduled to begin Thursday. But after about 20 minutes of debate Thursday morning involving Waring, his attorney and Orange County Superior Court Judge Sheila Hanson, Waring ultimately agreed to delay his trial until Feb. 16 to give him time to retain a private defense attorney.
Deputy Alternate Defender Ray Chen, who currently represents Waring, had filed a motion Monday to delay the trial for several months to give him time to prepare Waring's defense.
"It would be a dereliction of my duty as an attorney to even contemplate answering 'ready' today," Chen said Thursday.

Waring initially refused to go along with his attorney's request for a delay and instead asked Hanson to allow him to make a phone call so another attorney could represent him at trial Thursday. Hanson declined, saying it is not up to her or court staff to aid his search for alternative counsel.

Earlier in the morning, Waring had refused to leave his jail cell for court until guards allowed him to make a phone call. The purpose of the call was unclear.
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