Saturday, May 7, 2016

Teresa Giudice’s ‘RHONJ’ Monthly Salary and Book Deal Exposed
Teresa Giudice is in the process of fighting her former bankruptcy attorney James Kridel, who she blames for landing her in prison for 11 months.

But in the process of filing her legal malpractice lawsuit against Kridel, Giudice, 43, exposed her Real Housewives of New Jersey salary for season 1 of the hit show.

According to court papers exclusively obtained by, Giudice raked in “$7,083.33 in gross monthly income… as an ‘actress/tv personality.'”

Giudice’s current papers also quote the U.S. Trustee Complaint objecting to Giudice’s bankruptcy discharge based on her book deal not being listed in her bankruptcy filing.

The papers said that Giudice “was in negotiation of a book publishing deal for which she was to receive $250,000 initial advance, a $30,000 additional advance, and royalties based on sale of her cookbook ‘Skinny Italian.'”

The filing also stated that Giudice had a business and a bank account into which “over $100,000 was deposited in the months” prior to her filing for bankruptcy.

Another charge by the Trustee’s filing said Giudice’s account statements revealed that her company TG Fabulicious, LLC “had total deposits of over $190,000 during the first three months” after she claimed bankruptcy.

As Radar reported, Giudice’s current attorney Carlos Cuevas accused Kridel of making “material errors” in his client’s bankruptcy documents.

He said that Kridel didn’t list Giudice’s job, income, homes, and automobiles before allowing her to sign the papers “under the penalty of perjury that the documents were” right.
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