Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Cary Deuber: Being a 'Real Housewife' has 'Been Harder Than I Thought'

Cary Deuber wears many hats, and we're not just talking about the one she wore at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party on the second episode of "Real Housewives of Dallas."

As one of the stars of Bravo's newest "Housewives" franchise, Deuber has made it a point to remain an "open book," putting a big ole Dallas spotlight on the many roles she plays in her daily life: Mother, wife, certified nurse first assistant and, now, "Real Housewife."

Throughout the first three episodes of Dallas' first season, the mother to a baby daughter and two step-children has positioned herself smack dab in the middle of two opposing sides of Texas' glitziest city. There's LeeAnne Locken and Tiffany Hendra on one side, while Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman are on the other. Though it appears as though she gravitates more towards the latter side, Deuber told us that she doesn't want to choose sides.

We chatted exclusively with Deuber recently at the AOL headquarters in New York City about the "Real Housewives of Dallas," why being a Housewife is harder than it seems, that fake poop incident at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party and those accusations that she fat-shamed her husband.

What has it been like, now that a couple of episodes have aired?

It's been harder than I thought. I'm a nurse, I'm a mom, I'm a friend, I'm a wife and I have a million responsibilities. I'm a certified nurse first assistant, so I operate with my husband. I do injectables for his practice, as well. So, I'm spread pretty thin. And "Housewives" is not just the filming: There's also a ton of press, and I'm not sure I was totally prepared for that aspect of it.

I don't know that I was prepared for some of the negative comments, either, because people can be really mean. I'm so positive; I'm a yogi. Negativity really affects me and goes against my inner self. My whole being, really. It's shocking to me how negative people can be. That's definitely been harder than I thought, but everything is part of the journey, and I think you have to go through those darker areas to get to the positive ones.

I must say, it's been refreshing to have you on the show. I love it when "Real Housewives" have additional careers and showcase them on the show, and you've been doing that with yours as a nurse. Was it important for you to put a spotlight on that aspect of your life?

Yeah, because I think that it's something that's unique to me, especially compared to other Housewives. It's hard to hold down two jobs, because being a Housewife on the show is also a job. Actually, I have three jobs, because I'm also a mom! I wanted people to see that I have a strong work ethic, and that I'm a strong, working mother. I think that it's a nice thing for people to see that they maybe haven't seen before.
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