Friday, May 6, 2016

Camille Grammer Explosive Abuse Claims: Ex Kelsey Grammer Assaulted Her

This is so shocking! Camille Grammer claims to have suffered post traumatic stress disorder following her volatile relationship with ex husband Kelsey Grammer. Keep reading for more on her stunning revelation!

Oh no! Camille Grammer, 47, allegedly suffered so much verbal – and sometimes physical – abuse at the hands of her ex Kelsey Grammer, 61, that she needed a slew of medications to control her paralyzing anxiety. The explosive new claims have come straight from the former reality star’s own psychiatrist!

The startling revelations come from Camille’s longtime shrink, Dr Bethany Tucker, who in notes from a 2012 session claim that “Patient realizing the abuse she took from Kelsey and how it affected her.” She also detailed that, “She was dealing with the custody battle with the kids. So sometimes – she felt she had… some verbal abuse.”

Even more disturbing is when she noted that  “Patient concerned about lies Kelsey is saying about her…” and that Camille told her about “an incident where Kelsey grabbed her arm or injured her shoulder.” That situation allegedly took place before Bethany began seeing Camille as a patient in 2005, and during the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s 1997-2011 marriage to the Frasier star. The doctor also detailed that she prescribed powerful sleeping medications and anti-depressants to Camille as well.