Wednesday, May 11, 2016

LeeAnne Locken Attacks Camera Crew After Catfight With Tiffany Hendra
Stop rolling the cameras! On The Real Housewives of Dallas' Monday, May 9, episode, we saw the ladies try to pick the glass out of their hair and move on with their lives. But one husband appeared to end the episode in the doghouse (and no, "doghouse" isn't a reference to a certain canine-themed hat from a previous episode).

Things started off with the tail end of LeeAnne Locken’s rampage from the last episode, right as she ran outside after throwing the champagne glass. Her best friend, Tiffany Hendra, chased after her, telling the former carny kid to “stop,” but was greeted with a middle finger. 

After Tiffany persisted in following her, LeeAnne threw her hands up and said she was “done.” She then proceeded to smack one of the Bravo cameras with her purse, take her shoes off and walk into traffic. And to think, this all started because she thought a hat with fake poop on it was unbecoming!

After LeeAnne’s dramatic exit, we saw a crying Stephanie Hollman get comforted by her friends. Cary Deuber said, “I’ve never seen anyone behave like that … Although my two-year-old does throw things.”

The next day, Stephanie’s husband sat down with her and said, “LeeAnne is a person I really wouldn’t worry about too much.” He then chuckled to himself and whisked his wife away in his vintage Rolls Royce to celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary by buying her a $75,000 diamond bracelet. Stephanie’s going to be just fine.

The day after the champagne-throwing incident, some of the ladies congregated for a clothing drive to support HIV-positive women. This meant coming face-to-face with the one and only carny kid herself, LeeAnne. As soon as LeeAnne got there, one of the events’ organizers gleefully approached her to deliver some good news: “Stephanie Hollman gave couture … She is such a doll!” 

LeeAnne, who emotionally ripped the couture-donating woman to shreds less than 24 hours prior, slapped on a queasy grin and robotically replied, “Good. I’m glad she came. That’s good.”
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