Sunday, May 29, 2016

LeeAnne Locken Reveals Traumatic Past

LeeAnne Locken is ready to open up about her troubling past.

On the first season of "The Real Housewives of Dallas," LeeAnne has revealed that she grew up as a "carny kid," but she has left out the more shocking details about what truly went down on the carnival, until now.

While LeeAnne comes clean about her past, she also attempts to make up with her fiercest rival. Will they be able to truly move on?

Check out the top 3 spoilers from episode 8 of "RHOD" below!

3. LeeAnne's traumatic past.
In a sneak peek of the new episode, the women come together for an event, where LeeAnne will share the struggles she experienced as a young child.

"I was abandoned by my mother. My label was 'not worthy.' I was molested, and my label was 'not valued,'" LeeAnne revealed, leaving some of the women in tears.

2. LeeAnne and Brandi come face-to-face.
LeeAnne and Brandi Redmond have been enemies for almost the entire season. However, after hearing about Brandi's brother's recent attempted suicide, LeeAnne has decided to try and move on from their issues.
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