Monday, April 4, 2016

Robyn Dixon Teases 'RHOP' Finale Filled With Attacks, Apologies and Jesus?!
The Real Housewives of Potomac are about to experience a dinner lunch party from hell!

After several cast members couldn't see eye-to-eye at Charrisse's birthday party, Gizelle is taking matters into her own hands by hosting a "come to Jesus" lunch on tonight's season finale. Spoiler alert: It's going to be much more than sandwiches and tea.

"Gizelle was like we're going to put it all on the table, resolve everything and move on," Robyn Dixon shared with E! News exclusively. "Jesus help us, save us, let us patch this up and hopefully nobody comes out with more scars than what they came in with."

So does everyone leave with love and light? Maybe Robyn's facial expression in the preview sums it up.

"Some people probably still have their feelings one way or the other about what goes on but my facial expression was in my reaction to Karen addressing Ashley," Robyn explained. "I wasn't ready for that."

Another thing Robyn wasn't expecting was the harsh words made from co-star Katie. Whether calling some of the ladies "racially obsessed" on TV or suggesting on social media that some people are displaying behaviors of "homophobia," Katie hasn't held back and people have noticed.

"I'm surprised with how Katie vocally overreacts. Instead of ‘Hey, can we talk about this?' she attacks people verbally and calls them all sorts of names," Robyn explained. "She just jumps to conclusions and gets really sensitive and defensive for no reason. The thing with Katie is once you have a sit-down and explain your point of view, she apologizes."
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