Friday, April 22, 2016

Bethenny Frankel Has Huge Fight with Dorinda Medley's Boyfriend John Mahdessian
If you come for Bethenny Frankel, well, just don't. The Real Housewives of New York City star goes toe-to-toe with Dorinda Medley's beau, John Mahdessian, over accusations she stole the Skinny Girl name from SkinnyCow in tonight's episode of the Bravo series and even after a few drinks her wit remains on point.

"You stole the name," John says to her.

"His brand is called SkinnyCow. You're a cow, I'm a girl, that's the difference. SkinnyCow, Skinny Girl," she says to him, not missing a beat.

Obviously this does not sit well with Dorinda, who has just had to deal with Bethenny and Ramona Singer talking about John.

"You don't dare come into my party and start problems with Bethenny," she tells him.

All this happens right after Bethenny talked to Dorinda about John and his behavior and how she feels like Dorinda is always selling him to the group. Not a good look.

"We love each other. You don't know what love is about," John tells Bethenny. "'Cause you don't know what love is."

Dorinda, in her trademark speak, tells the two they have broken her heart. Ick.
Actually, I thought the fight was pretty even with Bethenny and John both getting in some good shots at each other during their argument, but whatever. Upon watching this episode, what was really funny Bethenny being narcissistic enough to think that Dorinda would just dump the guy because she told her to. I mean, they've only been together a few years. Dorinda obviously sees something in him and while I don't think it was cool for John to go behind his gf's back and ask for Bethenny's number. As long as he's not abusing her and Dorinda says she's happy with him, what business is it of anybody's to tell her who to be with?

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