Friday, April 1, 2016

Eileen Davidson On Lisa Vanderpump's Manipulation: 'There Is Always One Real Truth'
Erika was right when she said, “A dose of Dubai reality is about to slap the sh-- out of these bitches.” I just don’t think she could have predicted what was about to go down.

On the trip to Dubai, the one thing that Lisa R. was not talking about was the bombshell she dropped at the beach back home about Lisa V.! During our Arabian Nights dinner, Lisa R. finally confronted Lisa V. about what happened the day Munchausen was brought up for the first time: that Lisa V. ran after Lisa R. and asked her “Why didn’t you bring Kyle into it?” Lisa V. denied the whole thing, which was extremely frustrating for Lisa R.

But at lunch at Nobu with Kyle and Kathryn, Kyle confirmed that Lisa V. was “planting seeds” that day at her house, and that Lisa V. had said “I'm so glad that Rinna didn’t drag you into this Munchausen thing.” The question is why was Lisa V. trying to inject Kyle into this situation at all? Kyle shut it down then by telling Lisa V. that if she tried to take her down, she would take her “down in flames” with her! All I can say is “Whoa.”

So, the truth came out. We know from what Lisa R. said that she would probably have never brought up the Munchausen’s thing without Lisa V.’s encouragement, and although Lisa V. and Kyle are released of responsibility from saying the word, they were talking about Yolanda’s illness as much as Lisa R. 

We also know Lisa V. was egging both Lisa R. and Kyle on and trying to play them against each other. Lisa R. finally put all the pieces together, and I’m not surprised she was pissed. What I wonder is, why wasn’t Kyle? Maybe because the last couple months, the heat has been solely shining on Lisa R. for something they were all responsible for. Lisa R. let it all out at dinner on the beach, giving Lisa V. the opportunity to come clean. Yet, Lisa V. denied it again!

I’m so tired of this idea of speaking “your truth.” It’s starting to take on the wrong meaning. Apparently, now every person gets to have their own version of the truth? That’s total B.S.! Kathryn said she believed Lisa V.’s “truth” and Lisa R.’s “truth.” She’s getting truths confused with opinions! There is always one real truth. In this situation, it is not up for interpretation. Lisa R. and Kyle have the same story about Lisa V., a story Lisa R. told me months ago when it happened. Lisa V. is the only person still denying that. And what’s strange is that all she’d have to do is fess up and we’d move on. We all told her that at dinner!
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