Friday, April 22, 2016

Dina Manzo Launches Skincare Line
Even though Real Housewives fans know of her interior design work, even the most dedicated superfan may not know that she actually started out in the beauty business at 16 years old. She practiced doing her friends’ makeup, hanging around the local beauty store so often they offered her a job.

“My first job was working at a beauty supply store,” she tells PeopleStyle. “And then I went on to own a salon so I’ve been paying attention to skincare all of these years. I never made a lot of noise about it but it’s always been on the forefront of my interest.”

But it wasn’t until she teamed up with SkinResource.MD and its team of dermatologists that she decided to get back into the beauty business. “The first thing that people say when they meet me is — besides, ‘Are you Dina from The Real Housewives?’ — is ‘Your skin absolutely glows. What do you use?’ So I started working with these four amazing dermatologists in California and we came up with a formula that has everything that all the expensive brands have. And I was excited to bring it to the public for a really reasonable price that really works.”

The five-piece kit contains all the essentials of the line (a moisturizers, cleanser, eye treatment and serum) and as Manzo explains, they’re “your basic five products that you can at any age. I have my mom using them — she is 78 years old — and I have my daughter using them, who’s 20, and it’s working on everyone’s skin and it’s making everyone feel their best.”

In addition to working on your skin, Manzo wanted her products to work behind the scenes as well. To that end, the products were never tested on animals, are paraben free and a percentage of all proceeds go to Project Ladybug, her charity that supports children suffering from life-threatening illnesses. “It’s a very conscious product that I am proud to stand behind.”
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