Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Taylor Armstrong Talks Returning to RHOBH, Teaching Her Daughter About Domestic Abuse

Is Taylor Armstrong ready to stage a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills comeback?

She might just be – Armstrong, who recently moved back to Los Angeles from Colorado, is teasing a potential return to the Bravo show.

"I'm around. Let's just say that," Armstrong, 44, told PEOPLE of RHOBH's next season at the Rape Foundation Annual Brunch in Los Angeles on Sunday.

At the event, Armstrong spoke of her personal experience with domestic violence: She has said her late, estranged husband Russell, who committed suicide in 2011, verbally and physically abused her. Armstrong says she doesn't want to "terrify" her 9-year-old daughter Kennedy but still educates her about assault. 

"Because she was a child of domestic abuse, it's very common. I had domestic abuse in my household as a child, as did my abuser, and that's very typical that you would either become an abuser or a victim," Armstrong explained. "And so therefore, what we try to do is just instill an incredible amount of self-esteem in her, so that when someone tries to violate her in any way, she knows how to stand up for herself and can do everything she can to protect herself."

"I mean, clearly, there are violent rapists. That's a whole different situation," she continued. "But if you're in a relationship where someone is taking advantage of you sexually, and young people who get into relationships at an early age, they end up doing things sexually that perhaps they're not ready for, we want her self-esteem to be so high, and her self-confidence, that she can say no. And that she can keep someone from taking advantage of her in that way."

As for RHOBH, Armstrong said she had actually just come from an event with the rest of the ladies: "It's been a big day already. We were just at the Stop Yulin Forever event at MacArthur Park for Lisa Vanderpump and all the Housewives were there, and [Vanderpump's husband] Ken Todd."

"They're my friends, so I'm just around naturally," Armstrong said of hanging out with the group. "Whenever I'm in town, I hang with them anyway. So cameras up, cameras down, one way or another." 
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