Friday, October 9, 2015

Meghan Edmonds Shocked Over More Cancer Lies: Brooks Ayers Exposed
Meghan Edmonds has questioned Brooks Ayers’ cancer story this entire season, as he hasn’t been acting like someone who has cancer. He drinks, he travels and he doesn’t visit the doctors who are willing to help him with his illness. Unlike many of his co-stars, Meghan had no problem addressing his story head-on. Because of Edmonds’ persistence, Brooks was caught in a lie. 

According to a new tweet, Meghan Edmonds is now revealing that he has lied several times about cancer and Vicki Gunvalson’s own daughter caught him in a lie. Perhaps he forgot that Briana Culberson is an emergency room nurse and is trained in health.
“So he’s already lied about it once in his life… Hmm…,” Meghan reveled on Twitter while she was watching The Real Housewives of Orange County. During the episode, Briana revealed that she had talked to Brooks about a previous cancer lie and she caught him. While he claimed to have pancreatic cancer, Briana got him to admit that he had faked cancer. As it turns out, it was an inflammation due to an infection. This doesn’t help his case one bit. As it turns out, he lied more than once.

“No. He lied to the ex about having nose cancer so this would be his THIRD cancer lie!” one follower replied to Meghan, who replied with a shocking emoticon. Clearly, fans have been paying attention because they remember all of his stories. Plus, Edmonds contacted one of his ex-partners, who said he also had another form of cancer.
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