Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ramona Singer's New Man Cheating? Her New Boyfriend Caught Flirting With Younger Blonde
Is there heartbreak in NYC? Well it might appear that way, as new reports are claiming that Thomas D'Agostino, who we previously reported was dating Real Housewives of New York (RHONY) star Ramona Singer, appears to be single. It was being speculated that the businessman and CEO of the company Smart Source has been out on the town telling people that he is very much unattached. While Singer and D'Agostino were not officially dating yet, it was reported that they were getting very close to one another over the last couple of weeks, so what happened?

Whatever it was that went down between these two, it appears that D'Agostino was seen at a recent event in New York City getting close to a blonde who was much younger than his former gal pal Singer, according to Radar Online.
"He was totally chatting up a young blonde girl who was at least thirty years younger than Ramona," the insider explained to the news site, adding that to make matters worse, "he told the girl he was single."

We hope that if Singer and D'Agostino are actually official that after this she will cut her ties with the business and property owner after hearing that he has been stepping out on her.

After all, Singer's husband of over 20 years, Mario, was caught cheating on his wife with another blonde, Kasey Dexter, which ultimately led to the downfall of their marriage.

The Inquistr is also reporting on D'Agostino's flirtation, saying that the businessman, who runs in the same circle as the RHONY star, could actually jsut be using her for her fame.
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