Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lisa Hochstein Gives Marriage Advice, Says She Is the “Luckiest Girl in the World”

She’s witty, laid-back, and beautiful–and couldn’t be a more perfect addition to this season of Bravo’s reality show ‘The Real Housewives of Miami.’ Former playboy and fitness model, 29-year-old Lisa Hochstein absolutely loves being a cast member. In the beginning, it seemed easy to dislike her, as she is the wife of the “Boob God” Dr. Leonard “Lenny” Hochstein and self-proclaimed “best creation” of her husband.

Despite their first impression, everyone was pleasantly surprised to find that she is funny, genuine and the most real of the cast members. Even amidst the telltale drama of the series, Hochstein finds herself very composed. “I have been through so much and have overcome so many of my own personal struggles and bad situations. So I just roll with it,” she says lightheartedly. “It doesn’t affect me because it is nothing compared to what I’ve seen in my past.”

Hochstein, however, is not one to stand back when she is being disrespected. During our interview, she mentioned her lavish and infamous lingerie party to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure when two of the housewives got into a heated discussion that ultimately got physical. “When [the two women] almost destroyed my party for my charity and the music went off, that just set me off,” she says “I was at my breaking point.” Despite that particular incident, she still stands by her calm, cool and collected persona. “If you’re going to get angry and lose it, it needs to be something worth it,” she says. “There is no sense in getting premature gray hairs over this stuff.”

Despite some choices that the viewers might find to be poor decisions, Hochstein doesn’t have any regrets about her behavior on the show. In a recent episode, when a fight erupted at Thomas Kramer’s dinner party, she was ridiculed for getting up on the table and dancing for the guests – on a stripper pole – in an attempt to lighten the mood. In the middle of the chaos, Hochstein managed to make everyone laugh. “I’m silly; I’m fun,” she says. “I’m spur-of-the-moment, and if something comes to my mind, I’ll do it.”

Hochstein says that what people didn’t see on television was that, after the incident, she invited the rest of the ladies at the party to join her on the table to dance. Sticking with her no regrets mantra, she says, “I don’t think I did anything inappropriate, and my husband didn’t mind.”

That is exactly what she loves about her man. “He accepts everything about me,” she explains. “I’m a little crazy; I’m a little out there. I like to have a good time, and I like to dance. I entertain him. There is never a dull moment with me. I think that’s why he is so in love with me. I always have something outrageous to say, and I make him laugh.”

Although the drama may affect the relationships of some of the other wives, Hochstein says that her marriage to Lenny has not changed at all. “We are the same couple we’ve always been. He’s proud of me and all of the things that I’m trying to accomplish.” The couple just celebrated their three-year anniversary back in October – “That’s a big accomplishment in Miami,” Hochstein jokes.
Since being on the show, Hochstein finds that people tend to misunderstand her relationship with her husband. She believes the opening line of the show has caused this issue. “He didn’t create me; he fixed a bad boob job,” she says. “It was a joke that was taken out of context.” In truth, her relationship with her husband isn’t about plastic surgery at all.

In their free time, the happily-married pair love to walk their dogs on the beach, travel and ski. They also love to go out to dinner or a club, watch movies and just hang out in bed together. This housewife knows the importance of continuing to “date” your partner, even after you get married. “Having a date night at least once a week is so important to your relationship because you can get off track,” she says. “A date night will feel like you’re courting each other again.” She also recommends taking an annual vacation with your significant other. “We go to Europe every summer. I think the alone time is extremely important.”
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