Monday, December 3, 2012

Karent Sierra Splits From Boyfriend Rodolfo Jimenz
Karent Sierra and Rodolfo Jimenez's relationship has been seen on the currently airing second season of Real Housewives of Miami and while they seemed to be totally in love, Rodolfo sent some questionable text messages to Karent's co-star Ana Quincoces which left fans wondering if his intentions were pure. Karent played off Rodolfo's indiscretions on the show, but now the pair has split and Karent is telling all.

During a recent taping of VH1's Big Morning Buzz, Karent explained, "Men don't change. If they're caught lying and they're caught cheating once, they're most likely going to be doing it again. And I just can't live with that insecurity, I need to be secure in my relationship as well as myself." Once Karent realized that Rodolfo just wasn't treating her right, she decided to call it quits and not look back.

Prior to the break-up, friends and family had warned her that Rodolfo was no good, but she was just too in love to realize it for herself. "Until you're ready to make that step, until you're ready to open your eyes, it doesn't matter who tells you. My mom was telling me through the roof, it was hard for her to accept him because we had already broken up once." It's good to hear that Karent has finally moved on and is ready to find someone worthy of her who will treat her the way she deserves to be treated.

"I didn't think he was the best match for her from the beginning, none of us did," Karent's co-star Lisa added. "We were kind of pushing her to make this day happen and we're so happy she finally sees the light."
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  1. Its not nice, but I've enjoyed that phony ass smile turn up side down...thats your payback for being the cast snitch....You were in a lot of the drama, but when s$it hit the fan....You stand back all innocent.....

  2. I agree, she's been causing trouble all season, and then she plays it off by being the innocent one. Please!!!