Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crazy Kelly Bensimon Does Sand Angels To Avoid Talking About Ramona

This is getting so much attention that I had to highlight it in a post of its own. And remember, she's not crazy (no disrespect to Al Sharpton, of course):
On last night's Real Housewives of NYC, Kelly and Sonja took a stroll on the beach to talk about Ramona, when Kelly decided the time to talk about Ramona was over and the time to make "sand angels" while your dog licks your face was just beginning.

Kelly actually does that every time she wants to avoid a conversation. So don't bring up a contentious topic with her when you're driving on the freeway unless you want to see how a "cement angel" can create a 17-car pile up and about a dozen real angels.

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  1. Kelly is a complete nutter. I have no idea why the other women have seemingly forgotten about her wacko behavior last season. I would be distancing myself from that train wreck if I were them.