Saturday, November 12, 2016

Vicki Gunvalson to Shannon Beador: ‘Get Off My Show!’
The Real Housewives of Orange County (Watch Live) Reunion Part 1 kicked off with the women grilling Vicki Gunvalson over her two-faced ways — first with ex Brooks‘ cancer scandal, then with her waning loyalty, and finally, her nonstop gossiping behind the scenes.

When Shannon Beador said she had forgiven Vicki for all of the betrayals but wasn’t comfortable letting her back into her life again, the conversation started going off the rails.

“Get off my show!” Vicki eventually screamed, reaching her limit.

Asked what her current relationship with the ‘Wives were like, Vicki shrugged: “I’m keeping my distance for a reason.”

Later, Tamra Judge talked about the benefits of living a religious life, especially its positive effects on her temper. But the star confessed her relationship with estranged daughter Sidney is still rocky, with the two only exchanging text messages “once in a while.”

Emotions ran high when newcomer Kelly Dodd interjected, calling Tamra a “bad Christian” and accusing Shannon of “never apologizing.”

The ‘Wives were quick to remind Kelly of the infamous night that she pulled out the dreaded c-word on her costars, proving that she’s no angel either.
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