Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Shannon Beador Shoots Down Vicki Gunvalson’s Spousal Abuse Allegations: ‘My Husband Did Not Beat Me’
Vicki Gunvalson was hurt, so she wanted to hurt Shannon Beador.

That was the reasoning the 54-year-old Real Housewives of Orange County star gave for spreading unverified rumors that Shannon’s husband, David Beador, was physically abusive towards Shannon in the past.

During Monday’s explosive end to the three-part RHOC reunion, Shannon maintained that Gunvalson was lying and that David “doesn’t beat the s— out of [her].” But Gunvalson bitterly stood by her seemingly false allegations and refused to apologize — even after Shannon clarified the story Gunavlson was using as “proof” of the spousal abuse.

Shannon and David had gotten into an argument after she learned about David’s affair, two-and-a-half years prior to the reunion’s taping, Shannon explained. He locked himself in a room and, trying to get to him, Shannon had attempted to barge through the door. In the process, she bruised her right shoulder and her right hip.

Earlier in the evening, Shannon said she had also gone out to dinner with David and “either had too much to drink or was slipped something.” She blacked out, and David found her blocks from the bar — with rips on her knees and blood on her pants.

“That was the darkest place for me,” Shannon said, showing host Andy Cohen pictures of the bruising. “I charged a door down in one of my darkest moments when I found out my husband had an affair … We went to Hawaii two days later, and I have huge bruises. [But] my husband did not beat me. He had had an affair on me and I was doing my best to bring my family back together.”

She also explained a 2003 call she made to police while she and David were having an argument. “It was nothing physical,” Shannon said. “We had a verbal argument — I wanted the argument to end.”

After hearing the story, even Gunvalson’s only ally Kelly Dodd sided with Shannon and said that her story made sense. But Gunvalson wouldn’t back down.

“That’s a typical classic abusive situation — you deny,” Gunvalson said, telling Shannon “I hope to God you’re not abused. When you called me screaming for your life? I hope it was not true.”

“I will never ever condone a man touching a woman,” she added. “Just saw the way your husband speaks to woman. And I know he yells at you and I know it’s physical … I will always look on the right side and the right side is a man will never touch a woman.”
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