Thursday, June 30, 2016

Shannon Beador Calls Kelly Dodd's Near Divorce 'Wacko'
Foreman Beador hits hard.

On Monday's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Meghan King Edmonds had Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador, and the newest cast member, Kelly Dodd, over to her house to help reno her kitchen.

After a couple slugs of a rubber hammer, the ladies sat down to eat, and a teary-eyed Tamra talked about her painful divorce from Simon Barney. Kelly also opened up about her own relationship strife.

"I have a husband similar to yours," Kelly said. "We went through a divorce for two years. He'd rather have given the money to the lawyers than to give it to me and my daughter."

The women were shocked when Kelly revealed she was talking about her current husband, Michael.

"Before I got married Michael was perfect," Kelly confessed to the cameras. "And then when we got married, he became like Hitler. He was a control freak. I felt like he was controlling every aspect of my life and then we filed for divorce, but we weren't legally divorced."

The tumultuous relationship was just a little too much for Shannon.

Shannon, who joined the reality show in season 9, has been known to offend her castmates with her "judgy" eyes.

Shannon thought Kelly rocked the boat during their first meeting at Heather Dubrow's yacht party on the premiere. When Kelly joked that USC, the school Shannon repped on what appeared to be her phone case, stood for the University of Spoiled Children, Mrs. Beador was rubbed the wrong way — not in the healing Dr. Moon way.

Perhaps that's why she didn't hold back when she evaluated Kelly's relationship.

"That's just... wacko," she said.

And when Kelly revealed a 730 psychiatric evaluation (sometimes conducted when determining custody) showed that her husband had a narcissistic personality disorder, the outspoken Tamra couldn't resist interjecting her two cents in front of the cameras.

“Hi, this is my husband, and I had to have a 730 evaluation done on him because he’s crazy, but I’m staying with him. What?!”
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