Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Did Nene Leakes Have Plastic Surgery? Allegedly Underwent Bleaching, Brow Ridge and Nose Procedures
Nene Leakes left fans stunned when she posted photos of herself on Instagram looking anything but herself, leading many people to speculate whether the reality star had a little help from a plastic surgeon to work on her new facial features.

From what Sandra Rose reports, Nene seems to have had some work done to her nose, which looks relatively smaller, a prominent brow ridge, a more defined chin, and the most controversial one of them all, skin bleaching.

Fans were quick to follow in Sandra’s footsteps as far as commenting on Nene Leake’s new look was concerned, stressing that the TV personality definitely looked lighter than usual and that there’s supposedly no denying that she’s had something done to her nose and her chin.
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