Thursday, March 10, 2016

Lisa Rinna Says Yolanda Foster Is 'More Manipulative Than Anybody'
What does it mean to gossip "correctly"? What does it mean to throw a dinner party? To build a house? To make a joke about yourself as a spider?

These were some of the existential and slightly silly, yet incredibly grave, questions which framed the conflicts on Tuesday's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. As the season winds down, it is more and more narrowing in on two groups of castmembers: Those women who seem to be looking for drama in every single moment, and those women who, despite the whirlwinds of conflict, keep their heads mostly screwed on straight.

Consider the former: Lisa Rinna, who has stood supportively at the side of every other woman in the cast this year, at some point or another, took the opportunity of a beach stroll with Eileen Davidson to basically unload on Yolanda Foster.

What for? Better to ask: What not for?

"I think she's more manipulative than anybody," Rinna said of Foster, having indicted her for crimes including poor time management and ... illness-related privileges? 

(If the two have beef that rises above Rinna's well-documented knack for discussing whatever will get her the most scenes, that hasn't been captured very well this year.)

That wasn't all: Rinna retold the story of her telling Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards about having earlier gossiped about Foster's maybe having Munchausen syndrome. That whole saga.  

Except in retelling Davidson on Tuesday, Rinna spun some new chapters:

Actually, she said, Vanderpump was the one who manipulated Rinna into even bringing any of it up to the other women in the first place, and Vanderpump and Richards had been talking about the Munchausen gossip between themselves, too.

"I've allowed myself to be used as a pawn," Rinna told the camera.
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