Saturday, March 12, 2016

Kathryn Edwards Insists She Wasn't Tipsy At Erika Girardi's Dinner
RHOBH's Kathryn Edwards insists she is not the bad guy Erika Girardi has made her out to be, and she is defending herself in a new Bravo blog.

Girardi threw Edwards under the bus when Lisa Vanderpump confronted her about the "web" and "sniper" comments, rather than talking it out with Vanderpump — and Edwards has a major problem with that.

"What you didn't see was more than half of the reason I was so animated and brash. We talked about the web comment in detail and my point was more about why Erika felt the need to warn me about Lisa VDP," Edwards wrote on her Bravo blog.

"Here is the person of distrust, Lisa VDP, sitting right in front of Erika... talk to LVP, speak your mind. You think she's dangerous like a 'sniper,' you felt the need to warn me about her. Lisa VDP asked her why she said it and rather than addressing Lisa, Erika turned to me with it and that's when it started. I wasn't tipsy, I was passionate about what was being said and being truthful to my feelings."

Edwards also addressed the drama caused by her comment about Lisa Rinna having an eating disorder, insisting it was a joke but apologizing anyway.

"When I teased Lisa Rinna about not eating, it was all in fun," she explained. "I do not think for one second that she has an eating disorder of any kind. She has an absolutely amazing body and has always been in phenomenal shape. Don't forget that I've known her for many years, we used to workout [sic] together. If I really thought that she had issues, I sure as hell wouldn't tease her. It was a joke, and I wasn't aware that it was such a hot spot for her because of Kim Richards. I know now."
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