Friday, March 25, 2016

Cynthia Bailey Reveals Her Marriage to Peter Thomas Might 'Not Keep Going'
Cynthia Bailey's marriage to Peter Thomas may have survived this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but the reality star says she's not sure if it will last much longer.

"Only God knows what's going to happen with that," Cynthia candidly tells ETonline. "There's a point where, if it's working, we'll keep going. And if it's not, then we might not keep going." 

Cynthia and Peter put all their issues out there in season eight, confronting cheating rumors, communication issues and living separate lives, all on camera. One memorably tense scene ended with Peter asking Cynthia, "I just want to know, when did you stop loving me?" 

"I wasn't prepared for that question, 'cause I didn't know the answer," Cynthia says. "You know, I just went into it to break up."

"[The relationship] just felt like so much work, like from the beginning," Cynthia adds. "Even the wedding, everything was work … it's exhausting. It's exhausting in real life, and it's definitely exhausting to watch it play out on TV."

"I'm a lover of love," Cynthia continues. "You know, I am the woman that will leave New York City and relocate with her child and nanny to Atlanta for love, OK? So, with that said, I think I get to be that same girl who can say, 'You know, I think it's time for me to pack up my tent -- my love tent -- and move somewhere else now.'"
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