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Kim Fields' Husband Christopher Has Strong Words for Kenya Moore After Real Housewives of Atlanta Gay Allegations
When The Real Housewives of Atlanta headed on down to Jamaica this season, the feud brewing between Kenya Michaels and Kim Fields reached a near fever pitch thanks to Kenya's pettiness over Cynthia Bailey's commercial shoot—and it also took on some collateral damage.

You'll recall the evening spent around the pool when Kenya made some serious allegations about Kim's husband Christopher Morgan's sexuality, only brave enough to do so with her enemy far away in her hotel room, preparing for the morning's commercial shoot. It was an ugly sight, with the other ladies joining in to pile on with speculation over Kenya's insistence that "for the last 10 years, there have been pervasive rumors about Kim's husband."

"They call him Chrissy," she said to much laughter. We weren't that cool with it when we wrote about it at the time. And lo and behold, neither was Christopher. Breaking his silence for the first time since the fiasco aired last month, Chris spoke exclusively with E! News about the ordeal. What follows is our unedited conversation, wherein Chris has some particularly choice words for Ms. Moore.

I wanted to start off by asking what this whole experience has been like. You've not only lived through all this, but you've then had to watch it back on TV and relive it all over again. What's that like?
Interesting. It has been fun to watch my wife and I interact from a fly-on-the-wall perspective. We have a very funny banter and sometimes when you're just living it, you can take it for granted. That's just the way we are, you know? It's funny to go back and be able to watch it over and over again and hear some of the things she's said and go, ‘My god, that's brilliant. That just came rolling off of her tongue.' It's hysterical to me. That's been, I think, the most enjoyable part for me, is getting a chance to actually go back after the fact and really get a chance to hear some of the things that are said and enjoy some of the things my kids say. It's almost like having a living photo album.

You've also had some bad experiences too, Jamaica especially. I'm just going to jump right into it: Kenya made some pretty serious allegations that night around the pool. That must've been hard to hear about and watch. What's your response to what Kenya had to say that night?
It's interesting. When someone spreads lies about you, you can either go at them in a defensive manner and be seen as defensive, or you can just let a lie be a lie. And she kind of put me in the middle with that situation because how I would handle that situation without the entire world watching is different than I would when someone spreads a lie about you in front of the nation and world. So, I felt immediately it was going to be important for me, at some time, to set the record straight that she had fabricated the entire conversation. There is no one in the industry that calls me anything other than my name, especially to my face. Kimmy and I weren't together in the Living Single days. So, she had to stretch pretty far to get that. [Kenya claims she first learned of the rumors surrounding Chris when she guest starred on Kim's Fox sitcom, which ran from 1993-1998. Only problem? Kim was married to someone else at the time. She didn't marry Chris until 2007.]

Now, I understand, I'm a Broadway performer without a real name, as far as Hollywood goes, and when Kim and I first got together, there was all kinds of speculation about me. Was I a deadbeat? Was I broke? Was I a drug addict? Was I a homosexual? There were all kind of rumors about me because nobody knew who this guy was dating, and eventually marrying, Kim Fields. She basically took that speculation, one aspect of it, and ran with it.

You know, if that's the way she wanted to play it, that's the way she's gonna play it. But as far as how it effected me? Number one: Obviously I'd been in this situation before when the situation happened the first time. But it didn't effect me then because I'm a musical theater performer that's been in the industry for 20 years. My god, I've been married for 19 of those? If I wasn't married, I was engaged to the woman I was married to the first time. So, it's been a long time that I've been me and I've had people speculate all kinds of things about me. At this point, it doesn't bother me.

What does bother me is that she took the platform that she did to spread the lie that she did, but at this point Kenya and I have spoken. She's apologized. She's apologized quite publicly. Maybe there's some room down the road for us to actually be friends. Right now, not at all. We'll see. The people that are watching the show will have to see. I don't know where my lady stands. The bottom line with that is, I'll be completely honest, if the shoe was on the other foot and somebody spread a rumor like that about my spouse, they don't really get back on the Christmas list for a couple years.
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