Sunday, April 5, 2015

Son of Lydia Schiavello Charged with Stalking Ex-Girlfriend
THE party-loving son of a Melbourne TV star has been charged with stalking and distributing intimate photos. 
Lorenzo “Lozzy” Schiavello, 20, is the son of Real Housewives of Melbourne star and Melbourne ambassador to the Shane Warne Foundation, Lydia Schiavello.

The charges relate to incidents last year after the alleged victim made two separate complaints to Prahran police against the man who his mum calls “gentle giant”.

Schiavello’s Instagram account portrays a young man in love with life in the fast lane, with photos of luxury performance and street cars, “mad night drives”, girls, parties, nightclubs, expensive cocktails and fashion.

In one photo post Schiavello proclaims: “Relaxation is the key, so live the now as your past does not matter, you are in control.”

In another he is pictured at a photo shoot with his mother, and fellow Real Housewives star Gina Liano, wearing a T-shirt featuring a G-string clad woman’s buttocks being groped by Sesame Street’s cookie monster.

His mother tweeted the photo with the comment: “thankyou for wearing an appropriate tshirt son!”

On his 19th birthday Mrs Schiavello tweeted another photo of herself and her son with the caption: “Happy 19th son. Your (sic) my baby & the gentle giant. Xxxx”

The incidents occurred not long after Schiavello split with his girlfriend and began a relationship with a second woman.

The alleged victim first went to police when Schiavello posted intimate images of her on social media and again when he allegedly posted further non-intimate images of her in breach of an agreement not to do so.
Schiavello, who has been caught driving while suspended but has no prior convictions, is listed to appear in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Friday (April 10) after being charged with stalking and distribution of an intimate image.

The separate charges were laid by a member of the Embona taskforce, which normally investigates armed robberies, and by a Prahran detective.
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