Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bethenny Frankel Slams Heather Dubrow's Doctor Hubby Terry As ‘Fame-Hungry’ After He Says He’d Like To ‘Feed Her’
Bethenny Frankel ripped Dr. Terry Dubrow as a “fame hungry” “dumbsh*t” Monday, after the plastic surgeon hit a nerve saying he’d like to “feed her a little bit.”

The socialite took aim at Dubrow — husband of Real Housewives of Orange Country star Heather Dubrow, and star of E!’s plastic surgery reality show Botched — jabbed at her when asked, on Monday’s Watch What Happens Live, which Real Housewives star he would want to help fix up on his show.

Dubrow set his sights on the prominent Real Housewives of New York City star, needling her about the already-sensitive issue of her weight.

“I would put on Bethenny and just feed her a little bit: She looks amazingly pretty [and] natural, but just a little skinny girl for me,” Dubrow said, with no pun intended.

When host Andy Cohen challenged Dubrow his that his own wife Heather also has a lean frame, Dubrow countered, “I think my wife has a little more muscularity going.”

The Skinnygirl entrepreneur took to Twitter to shoot back after the unflattering remarks, asking “Who is dr dubrow & what happened?”

She continued painting Dubrow as attention-hungry, commenting, “So he’s a ‘rich, busy & [successful]’ [M.D.] using his wife’s reality show to comment on me [because] he’s bored? Irrelevant? fame hungry? Needs $?”
I saw this live while it was being played out on Twitter last night. Yeah, Bethenny really went IN! and Heather couldn't apologize quick enough for her husband's hypocritical remark. Bottom line, don't be stupid enough to diss a woman's eating habits when your own wife could use an extra couple of pounds or two.

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