Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Amber Marchese Found Another Lump In Her Breast; Has Surgery To Remove It

Amber Marchese, the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star who beat breast cancer once, revealed Monday on Twitter that she is undergoing surgery to remove a lump in the same breast. 

The Colts Neck mother and stepmother of four, who was first diagnosed with breast cancer at 31, discovered the new pea-sized lump earlier this month. Marchese writes that she knows rationally that the odds of the lump being cancerous are low, but, "I still have spent the last couple of weeks in complete anxiety, fear, and stress. I was swept right back into the agony one faces when they could possibly face death."

Though she typically deals with stress by shutting out the world, she writes that at Sunday Mass, she suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of peace. "It is all going to be fine, regardless what the outcome," she writes. "I am physically strong and through my spiritual faith, I am mentally strong. I have turned to God and put my trust into Him instead of shunning Him away ... If you have faith, no matter what religion you may follow, you we will have peace. I know it is hard to believe in something that we cannot see, touch, or understand, but you can feel Him in all the beautiful moments that life has to offer.

"God willing, I can put this all behind me and simply be mom again, however in the meantime I will continue to strengthen my faith and show my love to all. I am armed with today's Sacraments, I was anointment by my Priest, and have my "Catholic bag" ready to go (LOL). I am ready!!! I am ready for it all!!!!"
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