Thursday, April 9, 2015

LuAnn de Lesseps and Ramona Singer Say They Are 'Happy' Bethenny Frankel Is Back on "RHONY"
This season Bethenny Frankel makes her highly anticipated return to “The Real Housewives of New York.”  Bethenny joining two other original cast members, LuAnn de Lesseps and Ramon Singer, who both tell “Extra” they are happy to have her back.  At NBC’s Summer Press day LuAnn saying “For me it’s been great having her back, feels like the old days of Housewives.”  Ramona jumping in, “It’s like an old shoe that fits.”  LuAnn continued, ”She and I have been through of course many ups and downs and having her back’s really been a good thing for me and I think for Ramona too.”  Ramona agreeing, “We have two new housewives you know her and Dorinda and they’re both like a breath of fresh air, they’re both charismatic, energy, speak their mind, get feisty and that’s what’s good about the show this season.”

Ramona dealing with her own divorce on the show this season, “What your gonna see on the show is basically the death of my marriage because really when a marriage ends it’s like a death…Listen he was a great husband for a long time and a great father and he had a middle life crisis and I can’t be around for that and you’ll see me going through the pain of it and also having fun and it’s almost like some things come off me , lifted, I feel lighter and easier and actually LuAnn likes me now.”

All jokes aside, the ladies promising lots of drama.  Ramona, “A lot of altercations are going on…a lot of wildness…” LuAnn, “There’s always a lot of drama.”  Ramona went on, “We use verbal assaults, not physical.”

The two even getting into a  little tiff during our interview when we asked if they regret doing anything on camera.  Ramona saying she’s learned to own the cameras, “You have to be true to you and if they show it a certain way so be it, own it.” LuAnn proclaiming,  “Well it’s a produced, edited television show, so.”   Ramona slapping LuAnn’s leg, “Don’t say that! SHHHHHH!!!”  LuAnn, “People always ask me if it’s scripted, of course the show‘s not scripted.”  
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