Thursday, April 30, 2015

Phaedra Parks Reveals She Hasn't Yet Divorced Apollo Nida
It's seven months since her husband started his eight-year prison sentence for fraud involving a $2.3 million money laundering scheme.

And Phaedra Parks fought back tears as she revealed that she hasn't filed for divorce against Apollo Nida in Sunday's emotional Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion show on Bravo.

The 43-year-old also said she hadn't taken their sons Ayden, four, and 20-month-old Dylan to see their dad in Lexington Federal Prison in Kentucky.
'I want people to be proud of me as a mother and a wife,' the entertainment lawyer said as she struggled to keep her composure. 

Dressed in a white gown with a plunging neckline, she continued: 'I make plenty of money. I don’t need this…what I do need is time to make the appropriate decision for my family.'

Viewers last saw the 36-year-old storming into the family home yelling just as Phaedra, who thought her estranged husband had reported to jail, was clearing out the garage.

The surprise intrusion, captured by Bravo cameras, lead the other Housewives to believe that Apollo had been violent toward Phaedra during their six-year marriage.

Host Andy Cohen asked, very directly:  'Did he ever get physical with you?'

There was a very long silence before Phaedra finally replied: 'I just don't know if I need to discuss that with you, to be honest.'

On Sunday she took to her Bravo blog to defend her decision not to take their children to see Apollo.
'People who watch the show only get one slice of the entire Phaedra pie, and it’s unfair to make judgments about someone, or a situation, without having all the information,' the personality said.

'The one thing I will say is that every single decision I make is based on one thing: the well-being of my two boys.'