Friday, April 17, 2015

Porsha Williams Covers "Upscale" Magazine: "When I Look in the Mirror, I See a Survivor"
Porsha Williams is well aware that good looks can go a long way, but that isn't what she relies on when it comes to creating her beauty empire.

Although she does look absolutely flawless on the cover of Upscale, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star tells the magazine knows that superficial characteristics shouldn't matter even though they sometimes do, despite what her mother, who she names as her "biggest inspiration," has told her.

"[My mother] taught me that beauty comes from the inside out; but I also know that the outside does matter," she says. "My outside beauty wasn't always so pretty, though."

Williams opens up about the bullying she faced as a young child for "being super skinny with big teeth." She also says that other black girls "would tease me and pull my hair because it was long." Even though she has faced critics her whole life, especially since appearing on the hit TV show, the reality star says it has only made her stronger.

"It's funny, but not, that I can feel so confident in my own skin, even with my flaws," she says. "But my looks have warranted a general consensus that I'm ditzy or an airhead, thanks to the show. It's meant for entertainment, so I get it."

She adds, "But off camera, behind the doors at my office, it's a different story."

In addition to her place on RHOA, Porsha is busy building a growing beauty empire that includes hair extensions, shapewear and lingerie. She explains to the magazine that "dark moments" growing up allowed her to emerge stronger and therefore create something based on her "aesthetic."

"To be able to build something based on my life, my style...blows my mind," she says.

But it wasn't just the bullying from fellow students that helped shape her into who she is today. As the granddaughter of famed freedom fighter Hosea Williams, Portia says she has always "stood for something, so no matter what people think, I won't fall for just anything."

And now that her face is essentially everywhere, she explains that women have started to see her as an inspiration, which also helps her find affirmation in all that she does. "Women support me strongly, and I love it," she says.
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