Sunday, April 26, 2015

Gina Liano Claims Cyber Stalker Is Destroying her reputation
REALITY TV star Gina Liano has prompted a police investigation after claiming a cyber stalker is hellbent on destroying her professional ­reputation. 

The Real Housewives of Melbourne star said she became aware this week that someone had been posing as her online, creating three fake Google Plus pages to abuse fans and post comments that could damage her career. 

The barrister and Cancer Council ambassador said the fake Gina had also made disparaging remarks about “taking down Eddie McGuire”, whom she had been working with on a Foxtel pilot series, tentatively called Judge Gina. 

Ms Liano believes an old acquaintance with a history of violence and mental illness wants to “bring her down” because she is jealous of her new TV role. 

She said the person appeared to be a staunch supporter of Andrea Moss — Ms Liano’s former co-star, whom she was famously embroiled in a bitter feud with last year — and may be acting out of misplaced loyalty to her. 

Ms Liano said it seemed the stalker was trying to destroy her reputation so she was no longer a viable candidate to front Judge Gina, a series similar to the US show Judge Judy, in which Ms Liano would mediate real-life disputes.
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