Tuesday, April 1, 2014

No, Gretchen Rossi Is Not Pregnant

We’re pretty bummed that Gretchen Rossi will not be a part of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9, but at least we know she found love with Slade Smiley and is moving on to greener pastures. We got to know the blonde bombshell for four seasons — but did homegirl just shock us all and reveal that she’s preggers?

Hold your horses, everyone. When a fan tweeted that “today would be a good day for Gretchen Rossi to announce that she’s pregnant,” the reality star decided to play with our emotions and respond: “Too cute! Not quite yet!”

Darn, we could totally see this being a great time for Gretch and Slade to start a family. Not only did she propose to her man in Season 8 of RHOC, but they are currently appearing on WE’s Marriage Boot Camp. Clearly they’ve worked through whatever problems they went on the show for and are hopefully planning the wedding of the century, so why not add even more good news to the mix?

Sounds like we’ll have to wait a while for Gretchen and Slade to welcome a bundle of joy into the world, but at least we can follow along and await the good news whenever it does happen.
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