Friday, May 4, 2012

Vicki Gunvalson Talks Despair Over Daughter Briana's Secret Wedding
When her daughter Briana eloped in Las Vegas last year, Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson wasn't exactly pleased at the news. 

In fact, the 50-year-old reality star has revealed her emotions ran from dismay, to confusion and sadness when she learned Briana had tied the knot with her military boyfriend Ryan last October.

'When she told me she and Ryan had got married in Vegas I felt like I was in a dream, or more like a nightmare,' she writes on her Bravo blog. 'I had only met Ryan one time before and that was before he went on duty.'

The star, who has a reputation as a control freak on the show, star says she had no idea her daughter and her boyfriend were in love or even serious about each other. 

'She told me she was nervous about putting both feet into their relationship because she didn't want to be crushed if anything happened to him while he was away,' adds Vicki.
'I left the restaurant after the "bomb" was dropped on me, went to my car, and broke down in uncontrollable tears.  

'The tears lasted for more than a week. In my idle or quiet time I would cry. In my busy time I found myself crying.  It was all the time because I was so confused and sad.'

Unable to understand why her daughter had married in such a rush, Vicki thought she may have been vulnerable after undergoing thyroid surgery last year after a cancer scare.

'This is not typical of Briana in any way, shape, or form, and I was worried that she may have just been vulnerable due to the health issues she had been dealing with for the past two years,' says Vicki who was relieved when Briana was given the all clear. 

However, the twice divorced Housewife says she was embarrassed to reveal the news to any of her friends and family.

'I didn't even know how to begin to discuss it, and, quite frankly, I was embarrassed,' she writes. 'All of my dreams for my only daughter's BIG DAY were taken away from me in an instant (and for that matter taken away from HER. 

'More importantly, the family had not met him or his family. I knew very little about Ryan and now I had an instant son-in-law.'

Vicki now says she managed to get through the shock through her religious beliefs.

'After a lot of prayer and soul searching I was able to look at the big picture and not be angry anymore,' she says.
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