Monday, May 7, 2012

Teresa Giudice Explains Why She Implied Melissa Gorga Was a Gold Digger
When Teresa Giudice told her brother Joe Gorga that his wife Melissa Gorga would leave him if a richer man came along, Joe was shocked that his sister would get involved in his marriage, and Melissa was hurt that Teresa could ever say such a thing.

The other housewives were also surprised and upset that Teresa would ever doubt Melissa’s love for her husband, and now Teresa is defending her controversial statement.

In her latest blog, Teresa explains why she told Joe that she’d heard rumors Melissa would leave him for a wealthier man.

First, she goes into some of the backstory, writing, “I'm very protective of my only brother. He was engaged two times before Melissa, and I hated seeing his heart broken every time things didn't work out.”

Teresa then recounts a story from when Melissa and Joe were dating, apparently to illustrate her point that Melissa married Joe for money. ”When he and Melissa were dating, she was at dinner with my family and she made a comment about how when she saw my brother's house and how well he was doing, she wasn't stupid, that she wasn't going to let him go.”

To her credit, Teresa acknowledges that perhaps the comment was meant to be playful, not to be taken seriously, but it has still stuck in her mind after all these years. “She probably said it from nerves and trying to be funny, but it rubbed me the wrong way,” Teresa revealed.

Teresa also reveals that she’s heard other troubling rumors about Melissa more recently. “We live in a small town. I heard things about the type of guys Melissa dated before my brother, and I hear things I don't like now. I pray they aren't true. I hope my brother and Melissa stay married forever,” she continued.

Despite whatever rumors she did or did not hear about Melissa, Teresa candidly admits that she never should have addressed any of that on RHoNJ.

“I never should have brought it up on the show last season though, and I'm sorry. And I've learned not to bring up my concerns to my brother publicly or privately! It was a hard lesson, but I've learned it,” she concluded.
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