Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sonja Morgan Talks Feuding With Ramona Singer and the Other Real Housewives of New York
When Wetpaint Entertainment ran into Sonja Morgan on May 3 at the 5th anniversary party for the entertainment blog she was true to form. Surrounded by a gaggle of younger men and wearing a skintight, low-cut cocktail dress, Sonja was having a ball.

Of course, we couldn’t resist asking her about upcoming season of The Real Housewives of New York, especially after noticing how thick the tension was among the cast at the recent Bravo Upfronts. Never one to shy away from the truth, Sonja gave us the dirt on where things with the six ladies stand!

Wetpaint Entertainment: At the upfront, Ramona told us she wasn’t even speaking to one of the other women. Is there anyone you’re not speaking to?

Sonja Morgan: Of course! What kind of season would it be if we were all speaking in the end?

So is it Ramona and Sonja vs. everyone else? What are the teams?

It’s girls vs. girls and it literally changes every minute. By the time the season’s done, I’m even sick of myself. I don’t want to see anybody.
In the previews for the new season, you and Ramona are shown fighting …

I’ve been fighting with Ramona for 27 years, but I still love her. That’s the way we operate. We accept each other the way we are. We fight, but then we move on. I can hold a grudge on the other women, but I don’t hold a grudge against Ramona. I know Ramona never means to hurt anybody.

What can you tell us about the three new cast members?

The three new girls are very … interesting. Let’s just say Bravo knew what they were doing when they hired them.

And where does LuAnn fit into the mix?

LuAnn is always on the fence. She’s our diplomat. She’s the Countess and royalty always puts on a good face!
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