Saturday, January 14, 2012

Taylor Armstrong Reveals On Camera On RHOBH That Russell Armstrong Beat Her

The truth is finally coming out:
Taylor Armstrong will reveal on next Monday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that her then husband, Russell Armstrong, had beaten her so violently, that she was hospitalized, is exclusively reporting.

The ladies were at the grand opening of fellow Housewife Lisa Vanderpump's new restaurant, Sur, located in West Hollywood, California. More than a month had lapsed since cameras were rolling because Taylor Armstrong had been hospitalized because of a vicious beating that she incurred after Russell left her face black and blue.

"Taylor still was bruised when she was at the party. She admits on camera to the ladies that Russell had badly beaten her. This beating had taken place after she had told him their marriage was over. Taylor wanted to face the ladies, especially Camille Grammer, because Armstrong felt that Kelsey's ex-wife had put her in danger by telling the others that Russell had been violent with her in the past," the insider tells us.

As previously reported, Taylor didn't shed one tear during the filming of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show, because she's a much stronger person now.

"Taylor didn't cry at the reunion because she is such a stronger person now, and she is no longer a victim," the source exclusively told

"This was a tremendous accomplishment because of everything that she has been through, with Russell's suicide, and Taylor's issues with Camille [Grammer] and the other Housewives this season."

Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant, Sur, couldn't open until Taylor was out of the hospital, because Bravo wanted to film the event. "Taylor's hospitalization threw a monkey wrench in Lisa's bottom line. The restaurant had been ready to open, viewers will see Lisa frantically trying to get the restaurant open, but Bravo had told her they wanted to film the grand opening party, so they had to wait until Taylor was out of the hospital. Taylor wanted to face all of the women in one place. She wanted and needed to have them see her with the bruise on her face. Taylor was in VERY heavy make-up that night," the source says.

The Bravo show has had a huge ratings bump this season with Russell's suicide in the storyline. Russell committed suicide last summer because of financial woes.
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    She has a clear x marks the spot w/ the word yes on it. This was some sort of surgery, NOT a beating. She's a fake and a lier! How sad for her daughter!

  2. So convenient how she shows up at Lisa's party sporting a black eye, and then demanding they all sit and pity her...not quite how a battered woman usually acts. Taylor is no dummy, she left him whim when Bravo made her then ran to sell her story.

  3. I agree..Taylor is an's sad that poor man's character has been so ruined by her, even after his death she continues to destroy who he was as a person. She needs to realize that he was and always will be her daughter's father..he didn't hurt his daughter, it seems he was a great father to her and that little girl loved him. Let his rest in peace Taylor! Obviously he was going thru a lot emotionally dealing with financial problems and then marriage all sent him over the edge! He needed some compassion..someone to lean on..and all Taylor did was give him more stress by beig a dramatic media whore and not being a proper wife to him. It takes a lot to want to kill yourself..she played the victim so much..she just was upset cuz she wasn't as rich as everyone else! Her husband was depressed and dealing with WAY more than what she was obviously! She need to get over herself!