Friday, January 13, 2012

'Real Housewives' Twitter Feud: Jacqueline Laurita vs. Danielle Staub
If you thought The Real Housewives of New Jersey feuds between Jacqueline Laurita and Danielle Staub were over, you were sorely mistaken! In Touch Weekly is publishing an article on the women and of course they had the chance to read the article. The article is supposedly an interview with the former housewife, Danielle, where she dishes on her former housewives cast mates, including her former best friend, Jacqueline.

ut when Jacqueline read the article, she had a thing or two to say about it and in true Jacqueline style, she took it out on Twitter. "WOW! SOOO MANY CRAZY LIES PUT OUT THERE! I INTERCEPTED THE CRAZY HOUR LONG INTERVIEW I TOLD U ALL ABOUT! DANIELLE STAUB NEEDS SERIOUS HELP!!" she wrote on her Twitter account. She also reminded her Bravo boss, Andy Cohen, of her friendship with Staub. "HEY @BravoAndy, I STAND BY MY OPINION THAT DANIELLE IS CRAZY AND DANGEROUS! LIES! LIES! LIES! I SMELL ANOTHER DEFAMATION CASE GOING HER WAY."

But it wouldn't be drama unless Staub fought back and sure enough, she had something to say about her article being full of lies. "@jacquelinelaurita @intouchweekly if I had [made up lies] do you honestly think I'd tell someone I never met? she's playing u all," Danielle wrote to Jacqueline and the magazine. "You know no one can break you when you've done nothing wrong darlin- in time all in good time people will see they r playing fools." One has to question why Staub went to the media years after being fired from the show. Could she have been paid to piss off the current cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

"PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW THAT YOU JUST CAN'T MAKE UP FAKE STORIES AND LIES ABOUT PEOPLE THAT YOU CAN PRINT,SELL IT AND GET AWAY WITH THAT.U WONT!" Laurita fired back. "Those incapable of making peace,just leave me alone to live my life and get on with their own miserable lives. That's all. Life goes on. Pray" ... "I honestly want every1 2move on, including myself while I focus on family & doing what I love..helping women w/beauty, health, fitness, life-style," Jacqueline ended her Twitter rampage.

Firstly, wasn't Jacqueline done with the drama that The Real Housewives of New Jersey show brought to her life? Why would she even spend the time defending herself? Why would she even give Danielle the time? Ah, maybe it's time to listen to Teresa - let the haters hate.