Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vicki Gunvalson Dating A Deadbeat Dad?!?
Brooks Ayers, the new boyfriend of Real Housewives Of Orange County star, Vicki Gunvalson, is a ‘deadbeat dad’ who owes thousands of dollars in child support to TWO separate women -- and now we have the mug shot to prove it!

Ayers’ mug shot was taken on August 29, 2010 at the Lee County Jail where he was incarcerated for failure to pay child support.

As previously reported Brooks' was arrested twice by police in Alabama and Mississippi last year for failing to meet his child support obligations to estranged wife Kim.

It's claimed he owes about $40,000, in total, to her and another woman: his ex-girlfriend, Nicolette Catanzarite from Indianapolis, IN., with whom he has a son.

Vicki, who last year filed for divorce from second husband Donn after 17 years of marriage, has been stepping out with Brooks on a number of dates, and even leant her famous name to her new beau’s case in a desperate bid to bail him out of his financial disaster.

"I am a personal friend of (David) Brooks Ayers and am acting on his behalf at this time," the reality star wrote in an August 30 letter to a Mississippi judge, pleading for him to be released from jail.
If this is true, it's going to get a little tricky for Tamra to keep going after Slade while her BFF is hooking up with a loser.

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  1. wow....what a bnch of hipocrits!!!! Vicki and Tamra make the perfect friends....Full of Sh**, and quick to point a finger...Both Bitches deserved to be ALONE and Miserable!

  2. Hate to say it, but that's exactly what she gets.

  3. Hmmmm now things get interesting. Cut back to the reunion, when Tamra was going on her tirade about Slade and his child support woes, Vicki sat there with her mouth shut. Next season is going to be hella interesting!!!!! How can Tamra trash Gretchen and Slade's relationship, and condone Vicki's relationship with Brooks? They just locked and loaded Gretchen's amo. HA!

  4. OMG hunny, it must be like lookin in a mirror!! your lives are EXACT MIRROR IMAGES of eachothers!!! too damn funny! both divorced cheaters, both hooked up with deadbeat dads you defend, both of you with your hand out to your exes as if they still owe you something, both of you in midlife crisis' and youre both complete trainwrecks! karma IS a bitch aint she?!!!

  5. Tammy Sue can condone Vicki's relationship with a deadbeat dad because she is a hypocrite.

    Tammy Sue has always been jealous of Gretchen.

    Notice how Vicki just kept her fat mouth shut for once when Tammy Sue went going on and on about Slade. That is when I knew something was up. Then Vicki blessed herself probably asking that she not be exposed for the cheater and hypocrite she is.

    Tammy Sue loves having a single friend. She probably instigated that whole setup with the Donn look alike. Now she has someone just as miserable as her.

    Did Tammy Sue tell Vicki's deadbeat dad boyfriend to pay his child support? I think not.

    HaHaHa! The dirt (Tammy Sue) comes out in the wash.

  6. HYPOCRITES the whole lot of them! Tamra bitching about Gretchen cos she was with Slade not long after Jeff died. How long was it before she hooked up with pretty boy Eddie after Simon??? And slagging Slade of for being dead beat and skipping out on child support. Hmm, whats your new BF up to Icky? Slade was so right with that name!