Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ramona Singer Says It's "So Sad" That Jill Zarin Makes Up Stories

This weekend in the Hamptons, Ramona Singer's husband, Mario, had some words with Jill Zarin in what was described to me as an ugly altercation.

Now, Ramona has some words of her own targeting her Real Housewives of New York rival.

Here's the lowdown...

Sources told me that this weekend's heated spat ended with a guest intervening and Jill's hubby, Bobby, telling Mario to back off.

"So not true," Ramona says this morning. "Did they talk? Yes. Then she, Jill, walked away."

And that's not the all Ramona had to say, natch.

"Jill has her reps make up exaggerated stories about me as this is the only way she can get press. So sad, isn't it?" Ramona adds.

Partygoer Trevor Cork tells E! that he's the one who broke up the fight and that Ramona is the one lying.

"It is in fact 100% true that Mario attacked Jill and everyone at the party saw it happen. I had to get between Mario and Jill just to get him off of her," he tells me. "He was screaming, mocking and cursing at her as loud as he possibly could. I find it very unfortunate that Ramona would lie about this even though there were numerous witnesses present."


  1. I am sorry that Jill got attacked, but at least everyone can see that she is not always the villain. That was totally out of left filed for him to do, I mean why doesn't he talk to the producers or the editors, what is the world does Jill Zarin have to do with it??

  2. Unlike GossipGrl I don't believe the story.

  3. Don't believe much that comes from Jill. She's still back in those unpopular grade school days and while one can sympathize with childhood hurts, she needs to grow up, do something to gain some self worth as flashing all her worldly goods hasn't impressed anyone. Too bad Gloria was such an overbearing individual. Bossy, know it all mothers do not promote self esteem. This show did not serve Jill well. It brought out her desperate need for self worth and turned a shallow, but basically nice person into a viper.. Sad.