Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dina Manzo and Project Ladybug Are Coming To Chicago
See kiddos? Christmas dreams do come true. If you've been wondering why my recaps are late this week, it's because I've been getting my guest room ready for my Bless├ęd Santa Dina de la Ladybug's arrival to our wonderful city December 16th. And by "guest room" I mean futon in my office. I have filled all the bedrooms in this house having babies like it's my job to populate the earth. But I think Dina will like staying here in the good ol' Western Burbs...if she can overlook Mr. Jenn's aversion to bathrobes leading to possible morning nudity, my 421 children, the neighbor lady who stumbles home from the bar and occasionally finds herself sleeping on my'll be fun, we have wine!

She doesn't know she's staying with me yet...just a detail we need to work out. It was a lot of work booking every single hotel in northern Illinois so she has no choice :)

No, Dina's not coming to town just to have a sleepover at my house, just kidding. She's actually coming here to launch Atia's Project Ladybug Fund at Comer Children's Hospital. The fund is in the name of fellow Chicago Now blogger and newly minted fancy-pants published author Laura Lutarewych's daughter, Atia, a little girl fighting ALL leukemia. You can learn more about Atia's journey by reading Ay Mama! every Tuesday.

In addition to launching Project Ladybug, The Hyatt Regency and Dina are hosting a happy hour meet and greet Thursday December 16th in the Crystal Ballroom from 5pm-7pm. Tickets are $30 at the door and include cocktails and hors d'oeurves. All profits will benefit children battling cancer at Comer's. If you are interested in attending you need to RSVP to space is limited, no procrastinating allowed!